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BERGLAND vitality oasis

A highlight in Haus Bergland is the vitality oasis. Various saunas and a Roman steam bath, the stone pine or herbal sauna, as well as an infrared cabin make you aware of how beautiful relaxation can be after a day of hiking or skiing. Then relax in the relaxation area on wellness loungers and let the wonderful days of your vacation come to an end.

Pure relaxation - the hit for sauna fans

Even our ancestors enjoyed "stone sweat baths". Celts, Anglo-Saxons and Germans had their own methods to "heat up", Romans, Persians and Turks developed their own Mediterranean steam culture.

You will find the Roman steam bath in Haus Bergland. You sit comfortably surrounded by silky steam and clean your lungs and airways by breathing. The temperature is 40° to 60° degrees Celsius, but the high humidity, which is almost 100%, is decisive. In a steam bath, the cardiovascular system is also stimulated, the vascular system is challenged and heart activity and blood circulation are accelerated. The moist heat in the Roman steam bath increases the elasticity of connective tissue and muscles. This is how tense and cramped muscles relax. A visit to the steam bath also brings relief for mild rheumatic diseases. When dosed correctly, a steam bath improves the overall mobility of the muscles and joints. Just the right thing after sporting activities to relieve tension and get fit again for further excursions on the slopes or in the mountains.

Experience the positive effect

Steam baths are healthy and tried and tested.

If you want, you can treat yourself to a cold shower after a visit to the steam bath and leave the vitality oasis feeling fit again.

  • Soft steam bath (40° to 60°)
  • Herbal sauna (50° to 60°)
  • Infrared cabin (40° to 50°)
  • Stone pine sauna (90°)
  • Relaxation room with wellness loungers
  • Vital bar with fresh spring water

Going to the sauna should serve the holistic well-being of people, prevent illnesses and support healing processes - benefit from these properties and simply use our range of saunas every day. The relaxation effect after a day in the fresh air will inspire you!a

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